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Data Set Description

G2LM|LIC - Impacts of Local Labor Market Information on Search and Employment: Evidence from India Logo

This study sought to understand the impacts of providing customized and timely labor market information on the search and employment decisions of job seekers. The sample of job seekers was recruited from an online job portal,, via advertisements on the website and on email between February 2021 and January 2022.

The advertisement invited individuals searching for jobs in 9 cities and 5 occupations on the portal to participate in a study where they could access information that might be useful in their job search. To be eligible for the study, job seekers had to complete a baseline survey. Treatment assignment and delivery occurred after completion of the baseline survey. Trained enumerators at JPAL South Asia/IFMR surveyed eligible respondents over the phone roughly 6 months after the baseline survey. If respondents could not be reached on the phone, they were sent a survey link via email/text message with a short version of the follow-up. A response rate of 56% in the follow-up survey was achieved.

The following datasets related to the study are available.

  • Baseline survey: Completed by respondents directly on online survey platform.

  • Follow-up survey: Completed either by enumerators through phone calls with respondents (long version) or by respondents using a survey link (short version)

  • Administrative portal data: Collected in partnership with the portal for respondents in the study. This covers user activity one month prior to and up to six months after they are sampled into the study.
  • Date Created: 2022-12-09

Scope of Data Set


Time Periods: February 2021 - June 2022


G2LM|LIC - Impacts of Local Labor Market Information on Search and Employment: Evidence from India. International Research Data Center of IZA (IDSC). Version 1.0. doi:10.15185/glmlic.582.1

Researchers working with the “G2LM|LIC - Impacts of Local Labor Market Information on Search and Employment: Evidence from India” are obligated to acknowledge the data base and its documentation within their publications, including the DOI, by using this reference.




  1. Singh, Niharika (Columbia University)

Cross section survey data
Field Experiment


Telephone interview, Web-based interview


Access to the data is provided to non-for-profit research, replication and teaching purposes. The data is available from the Research Data Center of IZA (IDSC) and currently under embargo.
Please contact IDSC for any access requests.

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