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Data Set Description

The provided dataset allows the replication of the survey results as shown in Caliendo, Künn and Mahlstedt (2023): The intended and unintended effects of promoting labor market mobility, IZA Discussion Paper No. 15011, forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics. Please follow the instructions in the Readme file (as provided with the publication) to replicate the survey results in the article.

The provided dataset contains survey information on the job search behavior of unemployed job seekers based on the IZA Evaluation Dataset Survey. The survey contains information on respondents who were interviewed 7-14 weeks after they became unemployed between June 2007 and May 2008. Besides covering an extensive set of socio-demographic and household characteristics, the survey data allows a detailed analysis of respondents' job search behavior—including the number of job applications, the geographical search radius and the usage of different search channels—and counseling received from their caseworkers. Arni et al. (2014) provide a detailed documentation of the IZA Evaluation Dataset Survey.

Based on the original data including 17,396 individuals, we only select individuals who are still unemployed and are actively searching for employment at the time of the first interview. This reduces the final sample to 12,326 individuals. In addition, please note that the provided dataset only contains variables which are used in the analysis and hence contains a reduced set of variables compared to the IZA Evaluation Dataset Survey as described in Arni et al. (2014).

In a final step, aggregate regional information measured at the time of the survey at respondents’ place of residence as well as indicators of local labor market characteristics was added to the survey data.

Date Created: 2023-10-20

Scope of Data Set


Time Periods: 2007 - 2008


Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) (2023). Replication file based on the IZA Evaluation Dataset Survey. Research Data Center of IZA (IDSC).

Researchers working with the “Replication file based on the IZA Evaluation Dataset Survey” are obligated to acknowledge the data base and its documentation within their publications, including the DOI, by using this reference.

IZA Discussion Paper(s)


Restricted Access

  1. Marco, Caliendo (University of Potsdam)
  2. Künn, Steffen (Maastricht University)
  3. Robert, Mahlstedt (University of Copenhagen)

Longitudinal survey data
Administrative data


Access to the codes and data is provided to non-for-profit research, replication and teaching purposes. Codes can be accessed via the public documentation link below. The data is available from the Research Data Center (IDSC) of IZA through remote processing via Josua.
Josua is the IDSC's web based solution which allows remote researchers to compute against sensitive or proprietary data by sending their code to the data when the data may not leave the premises of a data provider/custodian.
Please contact IDSC for any access requests.

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