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The IDSC of IZA offers a data repository service for the labor economics. It provides an online-tool for self-determined documentation, upload and publication of research data. The data repository enables researchers to have their data, metadata and outputs preserved longitudinally and helps to provide it to the academic community for further research. This includes survey data, administrative data, experimental data, tabular data and outputs of statistical analyses. Syntax files may also be submitted. All uploaded research data and documentation will be preserved and distributed by the IDSC of IZA.

All data collected are accessible to the scientific community as scientific use files for scholarly analyses free of charge.

In order to get access to the scientific use files please proceed as follows:

  • Register and download the contract form.
  • Enter the requested information on the contract form, sign it, and send it to the IDSC of IZA user support.
  • After the application is approved by the IDSC of IZA the scientific use file will be provided as download for registered users.

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