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Data Set Description

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The IZA Expert Opinion Survey on the Single European Labor Market was conducted in February 2014. The purpose of the survey was to get a fresh collection of opinions regarding the current state of the Single European Labor Market, its determinants and the importance of the crisis. All IZA Research Fellows and Policy Fellows based in Europe were approached by email and invited to participate in this online survey consisting of nine questions. IZA asked the participants for their general satisfaction and attitudes towards the European Union the European Labor Market Integration, its determinants and obstacles.

An email Invitation to the online survey was sent beginning of February 2014 to a total of 708 IZA Research Fellows and Policy Fellows based in Europe. Those individuals who had not already answered the questionnaire received two reminders until mid of February. In total, 299 IZA Research and Policy Fellows answered the survey. Out of these, the largest fractions of respondents are based in Germany and in the United Kingdom. Of all participants who answered all questions without missing values about one fifth are female and 43 percent rank among the top 12.5 percent of authors according to Research Papers in Economics (RePEc Feb. 2014).
IZA Fellows are initially appointed for a period of three years with the possibility of renewal. Appointments are based on the initiative of the IZA Board or the IZA Program Directors after evaluation by an internal committee. The network of IZA Policy Fellows consists influential representatives from business, politics, society and the media and complements the academic network of IZA Research Fellows beyond purely scientific matters. All respondents were specifically approached as practitioners and experts in labor market issues.

Topics: Satisfaction with the EU; Importance of Single European Labor Market; Factors Influencing Achievement of Single European Labor Market; State of Integration of European Labor Market; Factors Influencing Labor Mobility in Europe; Economic Divergence a Long-Lasting Phenomenon; Importance of Policies for Dealing with Economic Divergence;

Demographics: Gender; Age; Living Outside Home Country; PhD Studies Outside Home Country; Origin (Country Groups); Place of Affiliation (Country Groups); Paper in A/A+ Journal; Top Author in Europe; Migration Research Interest; Type of Affiliation

Extracted from: Krause, A., Rinne, U., Zimmermann, K.F.: How Far Away Is a Single European Labor Market? IZA Discussion Paper 8383. August 2014.

Date Created: 2016-06-07

Scope of Data Set


Time Periods: February 2014


Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). IZA Expert Opinion Survey, 2014. Research Data Center of IZA (IDSC). Version 1.0. doi:10.15185/izadp.8383.1.

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  1. Institute for the Study of Labor, IZA
  1. Krause, Annabelle
  2. Rinne, Ulf
  3. Zimmermann, Klaus F.

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Access to the data is provided to non-for-profit research, replication and teaching purposes. The data is available from the Research Data Center of IZA (IDSC).
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